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Membership Based Experience

Interactive membership based Web3 experiences for customers & holders where a Hodlr Hub hosts the projects offerings and activities.

Token Gated Content

With the Token Gated Content Hub, you can offer your community exclusive content that they can unlock with their tokens. Showcase different types of content, such as text, audio, video, courses, PDFs, links, and event tickets.

Community Voting (DAO)

Perfect platform for community-driven decision-making. You can use it to create DAO proposals and let your community vote on them. This helps you gather feedback and make decisions that are in line with the needs of your community.

Loyalty & Rewards (Staking)

Loyalty & Rewards Hub is designed to keep your community members engaged and motivated. You can use it to create a leaderboard section that displays the top community members. You can also offer staking rewards to incentivize your community members to hold onto your tokens. This helps you build a strong and loyal community.

Communication Hub

Share your updates, photos, and ideas on your timeline, and post official announcements. Our Community Livechat feature allows you to interact with other members in real-time, with chatrooms similar to discord. This helps you build stronger relationships with your community members and keep them engaged.

Branded Marketplace

Our Custom NFT Marketplace is the ideal place for creators and collectors to showcase their unique pieces. You can use it to offer your community exclusive NFTs related to your project. This creates a new revenue stream for you and helps you build stronger relationships with your community.

Analytics & Insights

Track the performance of your Token Gated Content, Community Votes (DAO), Communications, Market activity, and Loyalty & Rewards. You can see which types of content, proposals, posts, NFTs, plugins, and rewards are most popular, which community members are the most engaged, and which areas need improvement.

Custom Blocks

Our Blocks Marketplace is the perfect place to find the tools & utilities you need to enhance your brand experience. You can use it to find plugins and blocks that are designed to create value to your community. You can also deploy them with ease using our user-friendly interface.

Take Full Control of Your Brand

Buidlr is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of tools and resources for Brands entering Web3, project owners, and builders. The platform is designed to make it easier for individuals and teams to create, manage, and monetize their Web3 projects, regardless of their technical expertise or resources.

Utility as a Plugin

At the heart of the platform is the AI-powered Buidlr Plugins Marketplace, which features a wide range of pre-built blocks (plugins) that can be easily integrated into projects using a drag-and-drop interface. These blocks include token gating mechanisms, staking mechanisms, trait builders, dedicated marketplaces, merch stores, and designers, among others. By using pre-built blocks from the Buidlr plugin marketplace, project owners and builders can save significant amounts of time and effort compared to building these features from scratch.

Interactive Membership Based Web3 Experiences​


Project Planner & Team Management

A Fully operational, well-organized project planner to ensure you’re on track and a Team management capability structured, so you don’t lose your mind as you focus on the value you bring.


Art & Smart Contract Generator

Generate the Art using the Art generator block, deploy a Smart contract using our smart contract generator, and own that ERC-721/ERC-1155


Analytics & Sentiment Tracking

You will be able to track analytics & reports on the performance of your project, but what makes it unique is the ability to track SENTIMENT and what people think


Community Management

Taking the lead for a great project requires a great leader, talking to your community, and ensuring you are always with them is necessary, and with the community management capability of the EYE that becomes possible.

Home For Your Community

Branded Marketplace

Community Votes (DAO)

Communication Hub

Loyalty & Rewards (Staking)


Art, Smart Contracts & Utility


Mint Page. Marketplace & Content


Community, Communication & Analytics

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